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Loosing Weight With The Gwee Gym

Age Does Not Matter With The Gwee Gym

My story…….. I’m 50. I’ve loved the Gwee Gym from the first time I used it! I have had 3 major neck/spine surgeries and have limited use of my left arm and hand and the Gwee Gym allowed me to have a little more pull with my left hand, even though I couldn’t hold it with all my fingers. The exercises are absolutely amazing. Best thing I could have done for my hand/arms. This product is truly a blessing for me. Anyone who has issues pulling ropes or with their arms/hands, you cannot beat this product. Not only did the Gwee Gym help me lose weight because I was moving along with walking, but the strength it gave me back in my arms, especially in my left hand that I have limited use of has been incredible. I would highly recommend giving this a try. I absolutely love mine. One of the best workout products I’ve ever purchased. Not to mention, customer service is amazing. A rarity these days. – Debbie

10 Reasons I absolutely love my Gwee Gym!

1. It is better than free weights as it keeps me in alignment. The bands that move between the two handles keep you straightened out somehow.
2. The slight sound of the cords as you pull and retract are pleasant and act as a bit of feedback as you work.
3. It’s so portable! I work from a home office so I just pick up my Gwee Gym numerous times a day.
4. Extensive video you can follow or just get ideas for mixing up the routine.
5. You don’t really need anything else to just use it. One could ignore the videos and not read anything and start using the Gwee Gym right away.
6. You might think that 1.5 pounds of resistance is nothing but for me it’s plenty!
7. Nicely constructed. I don’t feel that it will fall apart or break easily.
8. Lightweight and portable. I can use it while out on a walk.
9. There are accessories available. Great gadgets to hook it up and use it in numerous other ways.
10. Customer service actually answers the phone with a live real person and they answer emails!
via Pam P. on Amazon regarding her Gwee Gym Lite

Hi Folks,
A little history on me. I am a soon to be a 67 year old male who suffered from knee and hip pain simply because of numerous knee surgeries that began in 1963. Recently retired I was just about ready to visit a doctor to discuss knee or hip replacement or both. Simply put, my wife gave to me a Gwee Gym for Christmas and I began using it immediately. I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel in my entire body especially in my problem areas.
Thank you so much for this product and getting me back in shape and feeling good and pain free again.
Sincerely, Steve

I’m a 58 year old man who’s had surgery on both knees, my right shoulder, four times on my back, carpal tunnel in both wrists, bursitis flare ups in both hips, arthritis in both hips, and cervicalitis. Sounds hopeless? Not With Gwee Gym. The first week I was an overworked sore and Charley-horsed wreck; now I’m feeling fit and well. The equipment works amazingly great. I don’t know how I ever got along without it.
Thanks, David

The Gwee Gym I purchased was a Christmas Gift for my daughter.  She came for a visit the following week and brought it with her. She was very pleased and wanted me to try it. I am 73 years old and limited to some degree with intense exercise. However, I found the Gwee Gym to be enjoyable and very easy to use. I am considering ordering one for myself because with the opportunity to use it for just a couple of days I could tell it would be very beneficial for me.
Sincerely, Patricia

This 67 year old overweight woman with arthritis recommends Gwee Gym to everyone else who has limited mobility and limited range of motion. Just buy it. Pick 3 exercises from the video/pamphlet that you CAN do. Only do 3 repetitions of each one for each arm/leg the first time you use it. STOP. Go about your day. You will be amazed at the immediate impact you feel in your muscles. Work up slowly increasing the number of repetitions each day. You don’t have to do 10 minutes a day to feel the results. This product was designed for those of us who “can’t exercise”. Please buy it to help your body be healthier. – Peggy


The Gwee Gym Helps with Physical Therapy and Rehab


The Gwee Gym is excellent as per my Physical Therapist. I suffered a broken neck a few years back and am still in therapy following 2 surgeries. This is perfect & I get a better workout than I did at PT. Whether the accessories were thrown in for a review or not, I would still be writing. I have NEVER felt more limber and I can do the workout anywhere. Thank you so much!  – W.E. (Amazon Customer)

The Gwee Gym is an outstanding product for rehab. I have a torn rotator cuff and needed something to help in exercising all the shoulder and arm muscles. The workout chart is easy to understand and the exercises can be done sitting or standing. It’s great for toning muscles. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to do rehab exercises.
-Michael (Amazon Customer)

After years of trying to find an exercise routine I could do without aggravating my arthritis I finally found it with Gwee Gym. The low impact along with the continuous resistance was just what the Dr. Ordered. Results are amazing and I couldn’t be more pleased.- Elia (Amazon Customer)

Tone Up Those Arms & Abs With The Gwee Gym!

Been using the Gwee Gym for about a month. After buying one to test it out, we bought a second one so both my wife and I can use them for our morning exercise. Found it especially good for strengthening our shoulders. – Carl (Amazon Customer)

There is literally no excuse any more. I work my arms and legs in many ways. I’m burning and strengthening muscles. – RP Griffith (Amazon Customer)

Bought the Lite first now also have the Pro….use it over 1,000 reps each day…am looking awesome… – John

I have 6 sisters, all of us always said we didn’t want to get our mothers arms. Lol they were big. Well lucky me I got her arms! But thanks to your product my arms are lean machines. You’re product is the best. Thank you!!! – Holly


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