Looking for exercises to do with your Gwee Gym? You’ve come to the right place!

– Here is the Gwee Gym Basic Workouts Brochure that is included in your Gwee Gym starter kit

– Here is the Gwee Gym Home Health Basics Brochure, these seated exercises that are perfect for those with limited mobility or in a wheel chair

  • 30 Minute, Total-Body Workout with the Gwee Gym Lite or Pro. Perfect for all ages!

  • Pump up your heart rate with this cardio routine! It can be done with the Gwee Gym Lite or Pro. If you have knee issues, then modify the higher intensity exercises to be kind to your knees. You can still get exercise, just make sure to exercise safely!

  • This workout was designed specially for those who have limited physical abilities. The entire routine is performed sitting down, and can be done from a wheelchair. Yes, this workout can be done from the couch when you are having a lazy day.

Walking Boxing With A Gwee Gym