Want to slim down and tone up for the summer for FREE?

Do you need a total-body fitness transformation?

Are you willing to commit to 6 weeks of intense workouts and meal plan?

Then keep reading!

Gwee Gym Pro Biceps Bootcamp Workout

We are seeking 15 men and women in the Webster, Clear Lake, League City area of Houston for an intense, 6 week total-body fitness study program.

The entire bootcamp program is free of charge!

You will be receiving:

  • A Gwee Gym Pro ($80 value)
  • A 30 minute workout classes, 5 times a week for 6 weeks with a certified personal trainer ($750 value)
  • Personalized nutrition/diet plan from a certified nutritionist for the duration of the program ($250 value)
  • One on one coaching and motivation from a certified personal trainer
  • A chance to be featured on TV!
  • A FREE, 6 week bootcamp program to get you in shape!

To be eligible, participants must be between 20-40 years old and desiring to lose 10-30 pounds.

Participants must be willing to commit to 6 weeks of study participation and be able to attend the exercise class 5 times a week. The class will be held locally in the Webster/Clear Lake/Nassau Bay area from 5:30-6:30pm, Monday-Friday. You must be willing to commit yourself to eating based on the diet & nutritional guidelines provided to you.

You will be participating in a study exclusively for Gwee Gym, LLC that is going to be measured, tracked, filmed and posted online in various media formats. So participants must be willing to have before, during and after testimonials filmed, photographed and videoed and be willing to participate in a workout video series that will be getting filmed exclusively for Gwee Gym during the last week of the bootcamp. All candidates must be willing to participate in the study, but not all of them may be showcased at the end.

Are you ready?!

To be considered, please submit the below information to info@gweegym.com

  1. Name, Age, Address, Phone Number & Email
  2. Current Weight & Height
  3. Full length photo of you at your current weight
  4. What does your current fitness/diet routine look like?
  5. What are your weight loss and fitness goals?

The program will run for 6 weeks starting in May, the tentative start date is Monday, May 16th. We will update this page when submissions are closed.

Want to see what a Gwee Gym workout looks like, check out this one on YouTube.

**Fair warning though! Your workout will be significantly more intense than this one!

Good luck!