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Burnout is a Lifestyle Transformation

Burnout was created from the desire to provide you with a fitness program that isn't just a diet, but a lifestyle transformation. Phase 1 of the workout program and the Healthy Eating Guide will get your body detoxed and get your metabolism jumpstarted so you start burning more calories, loosing weight and seeing a difference in yourself. Phase 2 of the workout program and Healthy Eating Guide work together to build your endurance, strength and cardio while teaching you how to eat in a way that is realistic yet still gives you the results you desire.

Burnout will be hard. You will feel the heat. You will want to give up. But don't give up! You can have that body you dream of! You will have no more excuses to be the best you that you can be!

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Gwee® Gym Burnout Comes With:
Gwee® Gym Pro* • Getting Started Guide & Calendar • Healthy Eating Guide
Nylon Travel Bag • (2) Ankle Straps with D-Rings • (2) S-Biners with Clips
(2) Phase 1 Workout DVDs • (2) Phase 2 Workout DVDs • BONUS! Extreme Yoga DVD

*The Burnout program includes a Gwee Gym Pro. If you already have a Gwee Gym, you will be given the option at check-out to remove the Gwee Gym Pro and proceed with purchasing just the workout program. You must have a Gwee Gym to do Burnout, so if you do not have a Gwee Gym, you will need to purchase the complete program in order to accomplish Burnout.


Phase 1 Workouts

Transform your body both inside and outside by jump starting your metabolism, shaping your body and toning your muscles.


Phase 2 Workouts

Take it to the next level, add agility, plyometrics and more intense moves to increase your strength and endurance.


BONUS! Extreme Yoga

Extreme Yoga uses the Gwee® Gym to add a level of intensity to vinyasa yoga, improving strength, stamina and flexibility.


Healthy Eating Guide

The Healthy Eating Guide provides nutrition guidelines and recipes designed to help you reach your fitness goals and maintain a lifetime of good health.

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